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Who am I? It’s simple. I am someone who is constantly in search of new and unique experiences.

To me, travel is about finding the destinations, experiences and people who make each spot on this globe unique. I love to seek out the familiar as well as the odd & quirky. If I can inspire someone to travel, or to think about the world a bit differently, then I consider that success. If I can get my followers talking, and conversing about these different customs and sights in the world, then I’ll sail on Cloud Nine and start searching out more places to share.

I’ve been travel blogging for more than eight years, but I’ve actually been traveling and writing my whole life. I’ve freelanced for dozens of regional and national publications such as Highlights for Children, Child Magazine, Boys’ Life, Capper’s, Personal Journaling, Dog Fancy, Wee Parents, Daughters’ Newsletter, Hole, German Life, and others. In addition, I wrote weekly columns, book reviews, restaurant reviews, feature articles, and advertorials for the Cox Newspaper Group from 2005-2008.

I’ve always been a writer. I’ll always be a writer. If you want me to write about your venue, attraction, or area, please contact me at

If you’d like a sampling of other things I’ve written, you can find that here. I hope you like what you read and keep coming back to Browsing The Atlas for more!

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Gaston County Cornhole – Hole Magazine

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Arloi Dee – restaurant review

27 responses to “Advertise/Contact Me

  1. Hi Juliann,

    It’s been a long time and quite the journey! But I made it. In remission!!! I had to relearn to walk, talk, read, write and feed myself. I’m relearning photography now. So, I’m blogging about it — of course. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’m reading the book The Hiding Place…it was very interesting to read about your visit to the place where it all happened…thank you.

  3. i photographed about all the pigs in the big pig gig, and painted a pig myself (Posie Pig) and offer my pictures (most have been scanned as digital files) for your blog…. just ask, mm

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