Cincinnati is my hometown, and as they say here, I’m hometown proud!

Chances are you don’t know much about Cincinnati unless you’ve stopped here on your way to somewhere else, or came to Cincinnati on business. We’re the world headquarters for Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Kroger’s, and Western-Southern Life. We also have a Major League baseball team and an NFL team, several renowned colleges, hospitals and historic sites. We’re a small city, but think of ourselves as diverse. Cincinnati is made of distinct neighborhoods, all built on Cincinnati’s strong heritage.

Cincinnati was formed by the fingers of a glacier melting and is a hilly area that sits on the bank of the Ohio River facing Kentucky. The river was pivotal to the slave trade. Slaves crossed into Ohio, which was a free state instrumental in the Underground Railroad.

I won’t share too much here because I’m going to explore Cincinnati in full through various blog posts. I hope you’ll explore the Queen City with me and see just why I’m so Hometown Proud.

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