I’ve traveled to Singapore twice on business. Not surprisingly, I added a few days of vacation time to explore this tiny city-state at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula. It’s not a country I would have chosen to visit, but one I grew more and more curious about. It sounded like a pristine, almost-sterile shopping mecca. But then there’s Little India and Chinatown, and the indigenous Malaysian culture. I’m wasn’t sure how it all fit together, so couldn’t wait to find out.

Off we go on a 37-hour flight to a tiny spot in southeast Asia…

2 responses to “Singapore

  1. Singapore is one of the best places I’ve visited.
    By far, the best food. I don’t think I’d want to live there. The place is so small. A “road trip” might end up in Malaysia, unlike driving from Chicago to Minneapolis, Detroit, Philadelphia or Houston.

    Still. Singapore is beautiful. The people are great and I can’t say enough about the food. It’s also experienced a serious makeover. In the 70s it was known for debauchery. Today, it’s clean clean clean.

    • You got it exactly right. It is clean, clean, clean, very small, very crowded, and has GREAT food. I’m not sure I’d want to live in Singapore either. The heat and the crowds would get to me, I’m sure.

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