In 2008, I traveled to northwest Haiti with my church group. Our mission there was twofold: to help at the mission compound that already existed and was utilized by hundreds of Haitians for their medical, elder care and nursery care needs, and to build a new mission compound out in the more rural parts of Haiti.

The mission compound was incredible to see, though the facilities were still very much those of a Third World country. There was a birthing center, an emergency medical facility, a clinic, an orphanage, a special ward for children with special needs, an elder care facility, and a place where meals were provided to families once a day. We were welcome to help out in any of the areas that appealed to us, but it was required that we work there. There was also the option to help with construction and repairs around the compound. I tried my hand in most of the areas and felt inadequate in all.

We also ventured out two or three times to more rural areas to hold Vacation Bible School classes and to visit three different orphanages. There was no lack of need in Haiti and this was before the earthquakes that pulverized this Third World country even more.

Come with me. You’ll see just what I mean.

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