Mexico is one of those places that Americans love to travel to, but are never sure whether they should. We hear numerous rumors of unsafety. We worry about Montezuma’s Revenge and drinking the water. But to miss out on Mexico is to miss out on a unique beauty in the world. I personally love Mexico, but am cautious about traveling there. This wasn’t always the case.

Back in the 1980’s, I lived in Southern California and my husband and I occasionally drove down into Baja California for the weekend. The trip through Tijuana was always a little harrowing. It’s similar to passing through a mob at the airport where people are aggressively vying for your attention/business/money. We always hurried through Tijuana. Destinations a little further south, like Rosarita and Ensenada, were our true destinations. Beautiful beaches, affordable resorts, and festive margaritas were the things that drew us there.

I recently extended my experience of Baja California to include Cabo San Lucas. I loved it! And I have stopped in Mexico twice on Caribbean cruises.

Have I ever had a bad experience in Mexico? No. I love going there. You’ll see why.

Come with me…