Kayak Eyes


My husband and I laugh and laugh at the Kayak commercial where the vacation-planning husband dilates his eyes so that he can take in more travel information as he surfs the web for travel deals. We laugh because it’s something I might do if I thought it would enhance my travel-planning experience in any way.
I LOVE planning vacations.
I should have been a travel agent, back when people needed such professionals to help them navigate the logistics of airlines, hotels, and sightseeing tours. Of course, the Internet changed much of that.
That’s fine with me, since I never did become a travel agent, but can play one at my home computer. For me, planning the vacation is almost as fun as taking it. A friend of mine echoed that sentiment when she talked about her husband spending hours and hours at the computer, researching ‘sights to see’ and ‘things to do’ for their trips. He loves it. So do I. And luckily for both of us, we have loved ones willing to go along for whatever adventurous ride we take them on.


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