How Many Pictures Are Too Many?

Please forgive the barrage of pictures below, but really. How many pictures are too many pictures when you’re standing on the Great Wall of China?!
Visibility was low, but I snapped away anyway. I’ve actually been able to enhance the pictures so that they’re clearer on the computer than the views were in person. It didn’t matter. Low visibility or not, it was incredible. Every time I snapped a picture and then put my camera down, I lifted my head again and was so taken with the scenery that I had to capture it on film. Again. And again. And again.
These are pictures from the Mutinayu part of the Wall. It’s a little further away than the more popular Badaling section, so there were less tourists. It was magnificent!

6 responses to “How Many Pictures Are Too Many?

  1. They are beautiful photos – it must have been an incredible sight! I subscribe to the view that one can never take too many photos – particularly with digital. My husband sometimes asks me why we need so many shots of the same thing but I just keep snapping because I never know which one is going to be the perfect shot!

  2. I think there is definitly such a thing as too many photos, but that isn’t the case with what you’ve shown here. As long as the photos don’t look like variations of the same thing, then everything was done right. This is coming from a graduate of a BFA in Photo. I like your stuff, so keep it up. You can also check out my blog if you want, (also about travel) but in a very different style then your own.

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