I’m Not Wafflin’ — I Want A Waffle!


Belgian liege waffle Brussels

Belgian waffles at Dandoy’s

After flight delays, painful contortions on the plane that resulted in no sleep, and being told that my hotel room in Brussels wouldn’t be ready for 3 more hours, I dropped my bags in the lobby and headed straight to the Grand Place where I knew I’d find the only solace I needed: a waffle.

Maison Dandoy

I have traveled more than 30 times to Brussels, so I know just where to get the best one: Maison Dandoy’s.

It costs a little more than the other waffle stands you pass every few storefronts, but I like Dandoy’s best. Not that any of them are bad, especially compared to what we get back in the U.S. The  Belgian waffles there bear no resemblance to real Belgian waffles or Liege waffles, which I much prefer.

Liege Waffles

Liege waffles are denser, sweeter, with the sugar mixed into the batter. You can get them sprinkled with powdered sugar on top, but there’s no need. They are perfect plain; warm and delectable with a little bit of caramelized sugar that makes them a darker brown than the rectangular shaped Belgian waffles we’re more familiar with back home.

You can get those at the same stands. They’re usually topped with chocolate or strawberries and whipped cream. Actually, there are all sorts of toppings you can get on either type of waffle, but I always skip right over them. I just want a nice, plain, warm waffle in my hand that I can pull apart as I stroll through the Grand Place marveling that I’m in Brussels…again.


Even a chocolate Mannekin Pis enjoys a waffle.

Have you tried a real Belgian (Liege) waffle?


7 responses to “I’m Not Wafflin’ — I Want A Waffle!

  1. Oh you’re in Belgium? 🙂 I live in Belgium! Brussels waffles our my favourite, so the ‘Belgian’ waffles you mentioned. But Liege waffles are good too of course. ^^ Oh while you’re here, you should definitely try our ‘neuzekes’ too (cuberdons in French), they’re delicious! 😉

  2. Oh I fantasize about real Belgium waffles all the time. I love when the sugar crystallizes on the outside and gets a little crunchy!

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