Surprises Around the Corner in Gent

Lonely Planet named the Graslei / Kornlei area of Gent as one of the “Top 7 Places To Sit and Have a Beer.” I can certainly see why. This picturesque spot in medieval Gent, Belgium is a beautiful place to sit and imbibe.

I saw all the impressive, old architecture I’d expected to. It was not unlike Bruges – another hot spot for tourists, but Gent was less crowded and thereby more appealing to me.

I took the obligatory postcard shots of beautiful old buildings. Though elegant and awe-inspiring, they began to blur together. Then, amidst the architectural gems, I saw a few things that surprised me.

This message rests outside a produce and crafts market, but I never learned why. It didn’t really matter; it intrigued me all the same.

Then, I veered off down an alley that was very modern in its street art graffiti and was a vast playground of shiny color in this otherwise austere town.








Which appeals to you more? European architecture or street art?


10 responses to “Surprises Around the Corner in Gent

  1. This is a fun post. I always like to veer off the track and go into less traveled areas to find things exactly like this! Walking is such a great way to find these details, no?

  2. I can’t believe I missed Gent when I was in Belgium! I’m big, no wait scratch that, OBSESSED with street art, so I would have totally loved this place!

    • Go back next time. But I have to tell you, I completely stumbled upon it by accident. A lucky accident, but an accident all the same. I wrote down that it was on Werregaren Straat.

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