Star Sighting: Eric Stonestreet

I left Brussels this year with little fanfare. Unlike last year when my family and I spent a week there and were just heading to the airport when it happened: a star sighting!

We were walking through the Grand Place one last time, enjoying our Belgian waffles on a quiet Sunday morning when my husband suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my God! That’s Cam!” (From Modern Family.) Cam was a few yards past us at that point, and we wondered if it was really him. Only one way to check. My mother yelled, “Eric!” and sure enough, he turned around. We waved to him and his wife. Then we watched them walk away down the street.

Suddenly, we realized the incredible coincidence of it all, so my husband ran down the street to get his picture. Cam and his drop-dead gorgeous wife couldn’t have been more gracious. My husband told him what big fans we are of the show and asked to take his picture. Eric and his wife waved to the rest of us again, and offered to walk back to where we stood (starstruck), but my husband didn’t want to intrude any more than we already had. So Eric insisted my husband pose with him, and his wife took their picture.

Needless to say, we giggled and gushed about it all day long. What a way to end our stay in Brussels!

Have you ever spotted a star?


2 responses to “Star Sighting: Eric Stonestreet

  1. Good for you that you guys ran after him! You have to have the photo!!! haha Coming from NYC, we’re often a bit jaded with celebrities, but with sports players/professionals, I go running after them!

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