Color My World

After soul-searching and physically searching through hundreds of photos, I finally decided to enter the Capture the Color Contest. It was a daunting idea; there are so many talented photographers out there, and very few of my pictures immediately came to mind. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? So here are my choices for entry.

Contestants are encouraged to enter one photo in each of these color categories: red, yellow, blue, green, and white.


I took this picture in a hutong alley in Beijing, China. I was fascinated by all the vegetables they had strung on coat hangers to dry. I was en route to lunch in a family home in the hutong and wasn’t sure what to expect after seeing this. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be my best meal in China.


I had a lot of pictures to choose from for red. I think I’m drawn to that color. But this one stood out for me because there is so much red in so many places in this scene. I remember sitting on the Square near the Eaton Centre in Toronto and thinking about how red it was. It’s why I took the picture in the first place, so I’m entering this.


I captured this picture at the Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah, Georgia. To me, Savannah is marble, wedding-cake icing, and blinding white sunshine. I feel like I captured it here.


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of blue is loyalty and my son. True blue. Both are represented here in this picture of Mac and his fellow airmen graduating from USAF Basic Training in San Antonio, Texas.


I was a nervous wreck when I traveled to Haiti; unsure of what to expect. But as we stepped off the plane and collected our bags, we were greeted by this festive band playing songs to welcome everyone to Haiti. The musicians were as sunny as their shirts, and I needed that.


Which of these do you think was the best color representation?


21 responses to “Color My World

  1. What fun! I like them all but for some reason I’m particularly drawn to the Green and the Yellow. Perhaps the Green because it’s an unexpected encounter with the color; one doesn’t expect to see hanging vegetables in an alley (or at least I don’t). And I like the angle of the photo.

    I like the Yellow perhaps because Yellow in an airport, as your caption so accurately reflects, signifies fear and caution and here, it reflects happiness and welcome!

    • Thanks, letizia! I think I like the green best, too. It was such an exotic sight to see, which was exactly what I wanted to experience in China. The yellow-shirted band was a happy surprise. I’m glad I took their picture. It made for a fond memory.

    • It was! It was so unexpected. I thought I’d step off the plane and be overwhelmed by poverty immediately, but instead, a band was playing and the men were singing and laughing. It was wonderful.

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