I’d Back Out of Blackout For Sure

Though I don’t mind spending the night in abandoned buildings hunting for ghosts, I’m a wuss when it comes to haunted houses. You won’t find me in one, especially not one as scary as New York City’s Blackout as described by Leslie Koch in her article “What to Expect at NYC’s Scariest Halloween Haunted House.”

Here’s a short excerpt. Read the whole story for yourself. Then let me know: would you go?


Known for its outrageous antics– last year’s show involved water boarding, forced tampon removal, and digging through a bucket of vomit– Blackout requires you to check your bags and sign a liability waiver before going through the haunted house alone.

Clearly this is not your mother’s Halloween adventure. Unless she has a really twisted set of boundaries. And enjoys getting groped by naked strangers in masks.


Read the full story here.

7 responses to “I’d Back Out of Blackout For Sure

  1. Wow, I definitely wouldn’t go, sounds more like volunteer torture than halloween fun… I guess I don’t have enough of a masochism streak in me but how fascinating that it exists!

  2. Heck yeah!! I’ll go today! I love being scared but my family doesn’t like me being scared. Can you say nightmares?

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