Happy Thanksgiving from Cracker Barrel This Year

To my fellow Americans –  HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope that no matter where you are in the world, you’re enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday in some way.

Last year I was in Germany on business during Thanksgiving. At first, I didn’t mind, but everyone was so considerate (and aware) that I was missing a major American holiday that they arranged with the hotel staff of the conference to host a Thanksgiving dinner in honor of me and my co-worker.

It wasn’t quite like Thanksgivings at home, but I appreciated it just the same.


Fancy, schmancy


How are you spending Thanksgiving?


12 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from Cracker Barrel This Year

  1. Aw, that was so nice of them to swing that for you and your co-worker.

    We’re hosting at our place; my hubby is the chef of the family. Since we have a couple of vegans, we usually go non-traditional for more options. This year, we’re doing a Lebanese theme. Should be super tasty! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! This year, we have cranberry sauce — not from the can — chilling and are about to make mincemeat pies. Then, off to a friends house. I’m thankful, that this year, my daughter and her fiance are joining us. :o)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I just sent messages to my family and friends and ate in the comfort of my house. Nothing special but I indulged in an extra big portion to get into the holiday spirit. 😉

    • That sounds nice. My aunt, who RVs full-time, made herself stuffing and some cranberry relish — the two things she usually brought to the table and her favorite parts of Thanksgiving. It sounded wonderful to me.

  4. How nice of your coworkers to arrange that for you! Actually, some of my favorite American holidays have been when I’ve been out of the country–it gives you a new way to look at them.

    • Actually, I didn’t realize how much I was missing Thanksgiving until that chef carved up the turkey and put it beside mashed potatoes and green beans. And then I was so homesick, it wasn’t funny.

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