Moonshine Mania


Lately, every time I turn around I’m hearing the word “moonshine.” I don’t know when it became so popular. I have two long-distance relatives who make it. There’s a show Moonshiners devoted to it on the Discovery channel. On a recent trip to Gatlinburg, there was a moonshine distellery shop on the main drag, complete with a live band and free samples of ALL the different kinds. And if that wasn’t enough, there was a “Moonshine Murder” mystery dinner theater show.

Has anyone else noticed its popularity? Or am I the only one surrounded by all this grain alcohol?


16 responses to “Moonshine Mania

  1. We’ve noticed it also. How did something so illegal become “en vogue”…. Oh. Maybe that’s why it is so popular. Once something is “illegal” it becomes enticing.

  2. How fascinating! I’ve never tasted moonshine but get quite tipsy rather quickly so would imagine that moonshine would have me drunk in no time at all, which is rather worrisome…. Having said that, I like the idea of something historical standing the test of time!

  3. I’ve only heard of it once so I had to wikipedia it again….. and was surprised to find that it’s generally produced illegally. But if they’re selling it in shops……

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