My 5 Burning Questions When I’m Traveling On Business

Another nice hotel room. This one is at the Dorint in Frankfurt.
1. Do you speak English? I am always relieved, yet sadly dismayed, that nearly everyone in the world says ‘yes.’
2. Do you take American Express? I am always relieved when the answer is ‘yes,’ which is not that often. I’ve learned to carry a lot of cash, which seems unwise, but necessary.
3. Are you supposed to tip the taxi driver? I’m such an American. No wonder the world thinks we’re rich! I am thrusting money at everyone who so much as looks at me. Not everyone tips taxi drivers and restaurant servers. I am so obviously American; it seems like they should be thrilled to see me coming.
4. Can you call me a taxi? It’s easy to get from the hotel to wherever you’re going, but getting back may not be so easy. And in some countries, taxi drivers rarely speak English.
5. When can I go home? Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE to travel, but sometimes it gets a little too George Clooney Up in the Air-ish. I become a little too familiar with airports, airlines and hotel rooms. I miss my my family. There comes a point when I am consumed by all the things I’m missing at home and decide that travel isn’t worth it. That’s usually the moment I start planning our next family vacation, because business travel is nice, but I’d rather see the world with the people I love.

What burning questions go through your mind when you travel?


20 responses to “My 5 Burning Questions When I’m Traveling On Business

    • haha. The airport bar is probably the easiest answer to that. But I do seek out certain drinks when I travel, i.e. Kriek in Belgium and France, Weissenbier in Germany, SIngapore Slings in Singapore, etc.

  1. I’m such a bad traveller that I love reading good travel writers or blogs. My only burning desire when I do occasionally go somewhere is to get onto solid ground again 🙂

  2. If I’m traveling, I’m constantly thinking (and occasionally asking), so what’s next? I’m always afraid of missing out on something and the limited time frame I have to travel kind of tends to make me feel like I need to make good use of my time. What an American sentiment to have….

  3. I’ve never traveled overseas, so haven’t had to worry too much. I have made the mistake of dawdling in airports and not realizing how far a departing gate is from an arrival gate (during transfers). I do enjoy reading about your travels, Juliann.

  4. I used to use Amex a lot after they snared me with a free card and free rewards deal and for a while we got the awards to pay with free hotel deals and trips to disneyland Paris, but then Amex withdrew the free rewards so I voted with my feet and now I use a Visa card, its free, has a cashback reward and is accepted at far more places than Amex. Amex was the only card I have had which was cloned, but to their credit Amex paid for all the fraud carried out by the rotten bastard.

      • I remember ringing them up to query a £1500 transaction made on my card in Dubai, made while I was in Lanzarote. their response was ‘It did seem a bit outside your normal spending pattern!’

      • Yes they werre very good about it, but I don’t understand why they didn’t query the transaction while it was being made especially as it was for so much in one go in a place where I had never been and it occured the month after a whole lot of little frauds commited in London for things like phone calls and flowers.

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