Hot Boiled Peanuts

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As you drive through Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, you’ll see signs along the road offering HOT BOILED PEANUTS. Apparently, this is a Southern delicacy and one we felt compelled to try while in Georgia. So we pulled into a combination gas station/hot boiled peanut stand and “put a little South in our mouth.”

All I can say is — I’m glad I’m a Northerner.


It was pretty disgusting. Hot, soft, mushy peanuts taste like unflavored baked beans. I’ve heard that Southerners like them, but it must be an acquired taste. A few of these starchy globules of bland mush were enough for me. I’ll stick to Northern delicacies like Cincinnati chili.

Have you ever tried a local delicacy that you didn’t like?

26 responses to “Hot Boiled Peanuts

  1. When we were in Hawaii, I tried poi, which is a brown goopy sauce type thing made from taro. I thought it was tasteless, but my local friends loved it and ate it by the bowlful !

  2. yes i have, For the first time i tried “gulab jamun (kind of indian food)” it’s feel unusual taste in my mouth, but somehow for the second, third time i ate them, it’s taste more delicious and i like

    • It’s always great when you try something and it turns out to be good. Maybe if I gave boiled peanuts more of a chance, they would start to taste better. Or– maybe not.

  3. Boiled peanuts! it’s just wrong. The local delicacy I can’t stomach (excuse the pun) is haggis, but then the taste of liver makes me heave, I’d rather stick to other Scittish delicacies like Square Scottish (Lorne) suasage or Clootie dumpling

  4. They don’t even sound appealing! I tried sheep’s brain in Pakistan, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I probably wouldn’t eat it again.

  5. Surely them there peanuts need salt or sauce or something? Haggis ^^ is excellent. Here a traditional dish is Jersey Bean Crock which, when made with pigs’ trotters, is an acquired taste 😦

    • You’re right, Roy. Some people do spice them up with cayenne or Cajun seasoning. That might help, but I didn’t like the texture much. Definitely not something I’d snack on.

      I don’t think I could snack on pig’s trotters either.

  6. A friend from South Carolina insisted that we stop during a road trip through her home state for some of these. It’s an acquired taste, that’s all I’m saying.

  7. Just seeing the words boiled and peanuts made me suspicious. When I was still living in Taiwan, I thought I’d adapted pretty well to many of the local street foods (and was proud of the fact that I’d learned to appreciate things like stinky tofu and duck blood). But then I encountered chicken hearts. Yeah, definitely NOT acquiring that taste any time soon.

  8. I agree those sound yucky, but I’ve never tried them. We tried the water from a few of the natural mineral springs in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and it was so gross. I guess it wasn’t supposed to be famous for its taste, but rather for its healthful properties, but still I was surprised how gross it was.

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