The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Juliann

I had the good fortune to be tagged as a “Life Enthusiast” by Britt Skrabanek at a physical perspective. She’s the ultimate Life Enthusiast and knows so many others. I am thrilled to be included among this illustrious group. Check them all out here:

Britt Skrabanek

Last month my sweet blogger friend Dianne Gray reminded all of us that sometimes we need the downs in life to appreciate the ups. In my monthly series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, gorgeous humans from all over tell us what makes them in love with life.

Today I’m overjoyed to bring you my lovely blogger pal, Juliann Wetz from Browsing the Atlas. Julie is a mother, wife, and travel guru who I stumbled upon in the blogging universe forever ago. My wanderlust tendencies often bring me into the arms of travel bloggers, but Juliann isn’t like the rest. Her stories of the world are endlessly quirky, humorous, and inspiring. She brings the world to our homes with a down-to-earth spirit that I simply adore. Watch out, Samantha Brown. Because Juliann’s one heck of a traveling Life Enthusiast!

Connect with Juliann on Twitter.

Dazzle us Julie…

I was not a happy teenager. I…

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