Whetstone’s Chocolate Tour

It may seem crazy to come back from Belgium and tour a chocolate company in Florida, but that’s exactly what I did. You’d think I’d be setting myself up for disappointment, but to my delight, Whetstone’s chocolates were delicious.

Whetstone’s was founded in 1967 in St. Augustine, Florida — a place I associate more with oranges and grapefruit than chocolate. This family-owned artisan chocolate company shares their history and a tasting during their short factory tour.


First we donned hairnets, then entered the factory showroom where we were treated to a 4-tiered tasting of Whetstone’s dark chocolates, milk chocolate and white chocolate. I’m partial to dark chocolate myself, and loved the two cocoa-rich flavors I tasted. Menendez was my favorite.

You can see the foil-wrapped candies coming down the conveyor belt.

You can see the foil-wrapped candies coming down the conveyor belt.

Then we walked into the factory and watched chocolates being handmade and wrapped. It reminded me of Lucy and Ethel’s day working at a chocolate company on I Love Lucy. I guess it was supposed to, because that’s how the tour ended: with a photo op alongside Lucy.


I can’t say Whetstone’s compares to the Belgian chocolates I’d feasted on the week before we went to Florida, but it was much better than most of the chocolate I usually taste at home. And frankly, any tour that includes tasting chocolates has to be good!

What’s your favorite chocolate brand?


22 responses to “Whetstone’s Chocolate Tour

    • Lindt truffles are my absolute favorite. I’ll have to look for Coffee Crisp bars when I’m traveling. It seems like we have similar tastes, and I love coffee, so this sounds like it will be a real treat.

  1. I don’t know if Cadbury’s are big in the US but their big factory in Birmingham (UK) is a must-visit. Back in the day it was also a favourite place for landing a school holiday job 🙂

  2. Yes, I’m a dark chocolate girl myself, too! I really miss nestles semi sweet chocolate chips, I love to eat them frozen straight out of the bag. What a great tour! I bet it smelled wonderful, too – I worked for m&m/mars for a while in NJ, never brought my lunch, just ate free m&m’s all the time, it was awesome, and I never got tired of driving into the plant and smelling the chocolate in the air… heavenly! ♥♥♥ ;^)

  3. How fun! I’d probably get kicked out of there. : )

    My fave chocolates vary because I’m always trying new organic chocolate at our CoOp. But now that I’m over here, I’m close to See’s, a place my mom and I always used to visit. Mr. H heard me brag about See’s for years and now he just surprises me with beautiful boxes of chocolates. SO much better than flowers!

  4. I cribbed when our daughter insisted we take a long tube ride across Paris to pick up some Galler chocolates for her. But I was forced to admit that they were the best I have ever eaten, anywhere. His dark chocolate is especially great.

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