The Hyppo Hype

Want to know what we spent most of our money on in St. Augustine, Florida? Popsicles.

DSCN3225 (This picture fits nicely with ailsapm’s weekly travel theme of ‘orange.’)

We stopped inside Hyppo once to try their gourmet popsicles and then found ourselves going back every few hours. In less than 24 hours, we’d spent over $30 on popsicles. Crazy, I know!


I never dreamed I would find popsicles to be such a treat. I don’t eat them at home. But these weren’t your typical popsicles. They contained very little water and came in such exotic flavors that we kept going back for more.


Our favorites? The Mexican Hot Chocolate, Datil Strawberry, and Sangria Plum.

Which flavor would you pick?

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28 responses to “The Hyppo Hype

  1. This pace looks awesome! I don’t eat dairy but the other flavours sound delicious. I would definitely spend a lot of money there if I was in the area πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent craft-type treats, especially in humid Florida.

    In Henley-in-Arden (Warwickshire, England) is a legendary ice-cream shop which makes its own ice-creams in all sorts of flavours. It’s been there for at least 50 years to my certain knowledge.

    • We fully expected to hit some ice cream shops. Especially if we found one like you described. Indulging in popsicles surprised us. I don’t think we had a lick of ice cream the whole trip.

    • Yes. The Popsicles I know are just sugary blocks of ice. Not these. They had a different texture entirely and were so flavorful. The Mexican Hot Chocolate was spicy and rich. So good!!!

  3. Awesome! We have a popular ice cream shop here called Salt & Straw that always has a line going out the door. They do kooky flavor combinations that strangely knock your socks off.

    I’d try out that blueberry lavender lemonade one up there!

  4. Wow, pineapple cilantro, I’d definitely go for that! The dried cilantro seeds make a great herbal tea I enjoy, and it’s supposed to be great for arthritis. Pineapple has similar benefits for inflammation too, so why not? What a great taste combo, how smart! Great post, Julian, now I know why you didnt go for the fountain of youth, lol, popsicles sound much more enticing! β™₯β™₯β™₯ ;^)

  5. As we may have told you Juliann, we lived in St. Augustine Beach and it’s our favorite place in FL. We routinely strolled the main street in the historic district, and I don’t remember this place. Given $30 for popsicles, maybe that’s a good thing. Datil strawberry sounds like an unusual combination. Did you get a chance to sample datil pepper sauce? ~James

    • We did sample a couple different datil pepper sauces, bought several to bring home, and even bought some peppers at the Farmer’s Market. πŸ™‚ We loved them. The Datil Strawberry Popsicle was delicious, too. Hyppo has only been around for 4 years. You’ll have to try them if you ever go back.

  6. I’ve seen the gourmet label attached to plenty of things but popsicles are definitely a first! I’d definitely be up for the cucumber lemon mint or the blueberry lavender lemonade. Dang it, now you’ve made me crave popsicles. Like you, I never eat them at home or buy them but for these, I think those $30 were worth it. πŸ˜‰

    • We just discovered that there’s a food truck in downtown Cincinnati that also sells gourmet popsicles! Yay! Thai Basil Lime and Orange Spiced Honey are going to be the first two on my tasting list. I think I’d better get a part-time job to support my new popsicle habit!

      • Thai Basil Lime and Orange Spiced Honey – both sound so good! I think you’re going to have an addiction if you don’t already, haha.

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