Here. I’ll Slip You a Mickey


I’m not going to blog all about Disneyworld. There are blogs solely devoted to visiting the Disney Parks. If you want to learn all the in’s and out’s of planning a Disney trip, you can read those. I only have two posts I’ll write about Disney; two things that really stuck out for me and made going to Disneyworld different than going to other theme parks.

One was the hunt for hidden Mickeys.

These two aren't hidden.

These two aren’t hidden.


Apparently, there are more than a hundred hidden Mickeys throughout the Disney parks in Orlando. Most are the iconic round face and ears shape, though some can be a little more substantial. They’re hidden all over the parks in the most unlikely of places and began as an inside joke among the Walt Disney Imagineers. The thing is, they’re hidden in plain sight. You just have to be on the lookout and ready to spot them. And boy, was I! I refused to look up any information or clues about them before I went and felt confident that I would find lots of them to blog about since my mission was to find as many as I could.

I found three. 😦

And of the three, I only had my camera ready for one. No, that’s not true. After we saw one from the Monorail, we rode it around in another circle just so I could get a picture of the Hidden Mickey on top of a building near the Contemporary Resort.


We spotted one as we rode the boat through Epcot’s ‘Living with the Land’ ride. It was made of metal inside an aquarium, but I couldn’t get my camera out quickly enough to snap a shot. I saw another one painted as clouds while standing in line for the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom, but the line was moving and I didn’t want to risk backing up traffic. But that’s it. That’s all we saw.

I don't think I can count this as "hidden," do you?

I don’t think I can count this as “hidden,” do you?


If you spotted some hidden Mickey’s, I’d love to know where they are. But if you want to hunt them on your own and don’t want any more clues, don’t read any of the comments. I have a feeling other people found a lot more than I did.

Where are they????


14 responses to “Here. I’ll Slip You a Mickey

  1. I remember once when I was still a kid and while standing in line for a Disneyland ride and dying of boredom, started idly playing around with the fence/railing I was standing next to and found a small painted Mickey head. At the time, I thought it was just someone else’s funny way of leaving their mark and passing time while waiting in line but now I wonder if that was actually a hidden Mickey!

    • Lillian, I’ll bet it was! I should have thought to get down to a kid’s level and look. For some reason, I was always busy looking up. Looking too hard, really. We found them when we weren’t looking,

  2. After all of the years of going to Disney as a child (because my father worked for the Mouse – as he puts it), I never even knew about all of the hidden Mickey’s and how much fun it could be to try and spot them. Glad the you enjoyed the park!

  3. Hidden Mickeys, what a fun idea! I like the Mickey topiaries though. I have a huge ewe in my front garden and everyone says I should shape it into a rabbit or something (like I want to be THAT house…).

  4. What fun! I’ll have to go back thru my photos to look for some mickeys! My kids carried the little autograph books and got all the characters they saw to sign their books, that was fun, too! ♥♥♥;^)

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