Greek With Envy

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In a perfect world, I would have been heading to Greece in a week for the TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange) Conference – Europe 2014. In my unperfect world, I have to miss it because it’s the busiest work week of my year. One of my friends and colleagues went to Greece this summer for a different type of conference. She met up with friends there, took a million pictures, kindly sent me a postcard, and made me hate my job a little more when I realized what I’ll be missing. I have friends going to TBEX, too; friends I made last year at TBEX in Dublin and would have loved to reconnect with this year.

But I’ll be at work. Greece will have to wait. Meanwhile, I’ll follow their posts and tweets and spend my week green with envy.

Have you ever missed out on a trip you’d hoped to go on?


24 responses to “Greek With Envy

  1. Bah, I’m having to miss TBEX this year because of work too! It was such a great experience last time and I’m so glad I got to meet you and the rest of the Limerick crew!

  2. Because of a bad back — the reminder of a car accident — we’ve had to change or cancel more trips than I care to count. 😦

  3. Poo! I have not missed out on any trips over the past two years, but I have had to adjust during those vacations in recovering from a surgery and then a sports injury. Greece is on my travel bucket list. It is there waiting for you to visit, so put it on the calendar and go . . . Happy Week 🙂

  4. Oh no, how frustrating. And I bet they’re sending you lots of “wish you were here” and “it’s not the same without you!”. Sometimes there’s just too many things going on at once. If only we could be ubiquitous and live parallel lives for short periods of time. Ha !

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