Oprah in the House!

According to our tour guide, Oprah lives in the white house on the left
and lets her guests use the beige house on the right.

On the ferry ride between Nassau, Bahamas and Blue Lagoon Island, our ferry guide pointed out several houses known as Millionaire’s Row on Paradise Island. Most of the palatial mansions set on private beaches looked alike so I was never quite sure which one he meant.

He directed our attention to the homes of Tom Cruise, Christina Aguilara, Chuck Norris, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley, cosmetic mogul Mary Kay, and Nicholas Cage. We oohed and ahhed over all of them, but I only got my camera out when we passed Oprah Winfrey’s house. Because not only does she have one megamillion dollar house there– she has two. A multimillion dollar guest house right next to hers.

I’m not sure if I’d choose to have my megamillion-dollar beach house in the Bahamas, but maybe these superstars like being near each other. Which makes me rethink that. Maybe I would like to rub elbows with them.

If you were super rich, would the Bahamas be one of your homes-away-from-home?



17 responses to “Oprah in the House!

  1. Ooh, tough question. There are a lot of places I want to travel to but I think it’s a different situation if you want to live somewhere else. I’d likely either opt for Taiwan (so I’d have my own place to stay when visiting relatives as opposed to staying with them) or maybe Hawaii. Or somewhere in Europe? Too many choices!

  2. Having lived in Florida since 1980, and having gone through a few storms and hurricanes, I am fearful and worried about those large beach properties. The Bahamas get the tides and the wind. Oh, Oprah! Get a different real estate agent!

  3. I prefer Oprah’s guest house than her actual house. Not that I’ve been invited πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t get a house in the Bahamas. I’m not really a beach person. A place in Argentina perhaps as a break from the winter? But that’s too far. Hmm, I need to give this some more thought.

  4. Maybe this is the wrong answer but, while I gasp with admiration at gorgeous properties, I’d have no interest in swapping places with their owners. I can’t keep my small apartment clean and tidy 😦

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