Pic #4 -Saddlebags of Water

Haiti - Judy 097
Happy Earth Day!

For today’s Five Photos, Five Stories picture, I’d like to remind everyone who has clean drinking water of just how lucky they are.

While I was on a mission trip to build a new medical facility in rural northwest Haiti, the only way we could get “clean” water was when it was carried in by this donkey. We were told that the water came from a well, but we couldn’t be sure of that. We never actually saw the well. Even the cleanest stream was a couple of miles away. And could any water really be “clean” carried in a saddlebag on the back of a donkey?

Most of us used the donkey water to take bucket baths at the end of the day. But for drinking and brushing our teeth, we stuck to bottles of Coke. (Which was gross.)

So, if you have clean drinking water, be grateful, and drink your tap water instead of filling up our landfills with plastic bottles.

What are you doing for Earth Day?


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