Purple Reign

I couldn’t visit Minneapolis without making a trek to see Paisley Park, especially after talking to some of the locals. Every one of them talked highly of Prince and what a normal citizen of Minneapolis he was. They said he used to ride his bike around and enjoyed the anonymity that other locals let him have. I heard this repeatedly, as well as the stories each person told me about where they were when they heard the news that he’d died. It was almost akin to stories of “where you were when you heard about the twin towers” or that President Kennedy had been shot.

So I drove out to Paisley Park to pay my respects. It was raining, but there were still about a dozen people there. Purple balloons and other items had been left in tribute. The locals told me that the staff there routinely removed any dying flowers or other weather-worn offerings.


Naturally, a trip to First Avenue was also in order. Prince often played at this Minneapolis venue and I think everyone who visits has their obligatory photo taken with his star on the Wall of Stars. I did, too. It’s one of those things you almost have to do.

I’m sure some people don’t understand the hoopla surrounding Prince’s death, but I was a fan. I saw him in 1985 at the “Purple Rain” concert in New York. I don’t consider myself a huge fan, but his music was part of my young adulthood. And from everything I heard about him during my trip to Minneapolis,. he seemed like a pretty cool guy.

Did Prince’s death impact you? Or is there another star’s death that affected you like his did so many people?


8 responses to “Purple Reign

  1. Oh, how awesome! I have a girl friend moving back to Minneapolis after several years here in Seattle, and she said that, after he passed, everyone was upset. I’ll pass this on to her so we can remember to go by here when I visit!

  2. Not a Prince fan particularly. In general I don’t feel the sadness at a hero’s death – more it brings back into sudden focus their work and the impact on us, for which we should be grateful.

  3. That’s amazing that Prince could cycle around and be treated like everyone else. Actually, I don’t know if I can imagine him in “normal” clothes toodling round on a bike!

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