The Vortex & The Energies – Red Rocks, Sedona

Legend has it that there are vortexes in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona that hold an almost sacred energy. Places where magnetic forces tug at each other and emit an energy to those who stand near them. It’s best to go there with a spiritual guide, I think, though some people choose to find these magical spots on their own.


Not me. I don’t want to wonder whether I’ve found the right spot, or discover that I was supposed to look for the twist of the juniper trees and mistakenly  inspected different trees altogether. Sometimes I think that I have no psychic awareness at all. Ghosts and angels and vortex energies could be jumping in and out of, and all around my body and I’d never even blink. I knew I needed an expert. So we chose to book a Red Rocks Tour with a Psychic Reading, because if you’re going to do the Red Rocks vortexes, you ought to do it right.

Our guide Kassandra picked us up on Sunday morning and took us into the red dirt of the rocks.


We passed a small Buddhist monument and walked in circles around it as we concentrated on praying along with others walking their circles. We passed Chakra flags and Tibetan prayer flags and stopped to consider our auras.


We climbed back into a shady spot and sat on the red rocks one at a time as Kassandra gave each of us a reading. She started by visualizing a rose and seeing what color it filled with as she contemplated each of us. My mother’s rose was purple. That meant something specific for her. My daughter’s was blue and purple. Changing colors. That meant something, too. And mine was a vibrant green, like new grass. She said I was on the verge of something. That the energy around me was humming with anticipation and that something big and wonderful was coming soon. I believed her. (Who wouldn’t?)

She asked me my birthday. I told her at the end of August. She convened with the energies swirling around us and said that usually big changes take place around someone’s birthday but that mine would come sooner than that. She wasn’t sure what the big event would be, but she knew it was going to be good. It was going to be the start of something new.

Which is all very vague, of course.

But if you let yourself travel to the Red Rocks and seek out the spirituality and energies that people travel there to explore and embrace, don’t you have to let yourself lean into it a little? Don’t you have to wonder if there are mystical powers at work?

Because I let myself wonder, and I think it may have recently happened. 🙂 Big changes have occurred. That’s all I’ll say. Thanks, Kassandra!

What color do you think your rose would be? (And don’t say you don’t believe in it all. Give into the folly or consider your rose gray.)




12 responses to “The Vortex & The Energies – Red Rocks, Sedona

  1. How interesting. I wonder what your big event will be.

    I like to think that ancient places might still retain a little of those that lived there long ago. I know that some get that strange feeling around prehistoric sites in Ireland, such as Tara. (A bit different from energy fields though.)

    Not sure about having colours though. That’s probably just a nice touch from the guide 🙂

    • I could have had my picture taken with my aura, but I liked what Kassandra said. I went with green.

      I definitely think there are pulls of magnetic fields in different places on earth. How it affects us, I don’t know. Ireland is one of those places to me.

  2. Since you mentioned I shouldn’t say I don’t believe in such things, I’ll choose dark green because it’s my favorite color. The majority of the tops I wear in my free time are dark green. I’m not sure what this says about me, though. I hope I don’t turn out to be a mad axe murderer or something. That would be most inconvenient.

    • It was very spiritual to me. I wrote everything down in my journal right afterward and bought a roll of the Tibetan prayer flags to hang outside. I love watching them blow in the breeze and thinking back to that day on the red rocks.

  3. I love the vibe of ancient spiritual places too. But I am selective about the readings. Quite like I decide when I want to be a Leo or a Cancer, from the cusp 🙂 Can’t wait to read about the big changes.

  4. I’ve been to Sedona, but we didn’t meet your Kassandra. I can’t think what colour I’d like my rose to be. Maybe like you say your big change has already happened, or it could be one of those things that isn’t apparent until years later when you look back with a different perspective.

    • So true. It’s easier to look back and recognize pivotal moments. But I promised Kassandra that I would keep myself open to what might happen. She told me to be ready to receive whatever greatness the universe was bringing me.
      Sure. Why not? 🙂

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