Buggies, Buggies Everywhere

I got a little obsessed with taking pictures of Amish buggies. Can you blame me?


Every time we passed one, I got out my camera. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t have, too. In lieu of taking pictures of the Amish themselves (since they follow the belief that they should not have graven images), I snapped as many buggy pictures as I could. I cannot tell you how many times we passed darling children staring at us out of the back window of their buggies. My fingers itched to take their pictures so badly, but I refrained. Sigh…




Just a fun fact along those same lines: Amish dolls don’t have faces, either. It goes along with the ‘no graven images’ concept.


Much more information to come in the next post when I describe touring the back roads of Amish country.


11 responses to “Buggies, Buggies Everywhere

    • It’s like taking a step back in time. But I am very happy that most people respect the concept of not taking pictures of the Amish directly — as tempting as it is. Especially pictures of the children. So many adorable children!

  1. I didn’t know that Amish dolls have no faces. I wonder if any mischievous children draw them in with marker pens! I’d be taking pictures of the buggies too. What delightful contraptions.

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