Mexican Fertility Drink – Damiana


damianaYou’ll notice that the shape of this bottle looks like a woman. A pregnant woman. Beautiful packaging, for sure, and a nod to the belief that this regional Mexican drink is purportedly a fertility drink. And an aphrodisiac. And so potent that no one could ever argue that this drink isn’t an aphrodisiac that’s lead to baby-making.

It can also be enjoyed as a tea, but I’m not trying to get pregnant. I opted for the alcoholic version.

The flavor is not for everyone. The drink has a very strong, sweet medicinal flavor. I liked it well enough alone, but at the tequila tasting after the camel ride, our tour guide mixed it with white tequila to temper the sweetness a little bit. I liked it that way, too. So did most of the other women on our tour that day. We all voted that our favorite drink in the tequila tasting competition. And as far as I know, none of us ended up pregnant afterward.

Once I learned more about all its rumored health benefits, I started thinking Damiana should really be considered more a tonic than a tequila/margarita mixer. Damiana apparently helps with impotence, anxiety, and is a mood lifter. Actually, it sounds like most alcoholic drinks to me. 😉

Do any of the alleged health benefits tempt you to try this?


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