Pisco Sour- A Tipycal Peruvian Drink

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Yes, the sign is misspelled, but when it’s happy hour in Peru and almost every bar serves a ‘Two for 20/soles” (a little under $7.00)  special on this regional specialty, you don’t care about spelling. Or English. Or Spanish. Just another delectable frothy white drink.


Pisco is a clear brandy derived from distilled white muscat grapes. I’m not sure what the liquor tastes like by itself because the only way I had it was in Pisco Sour form. Repeatedly. Everywhere I went. 🙂

The recipe is simple:


  • In a blender, combine key lime juice with a tablespoon of egg white.
  • Add simple syrup, pisco, and ice and blend at high speed until frothy.
  • Pour into a sour glass, top with a few drops of bitters and serve.

But I don’t expect to ever make this at home. It gives me an excuse to return to Peru.

Do you usually drink the local drink when you travel? Or do you stick with your familiar favorites?



12 responses to “Pisco Sour- A Tipycal Peruvian Drink

  1. To answer your question. I don’t like to discriminate. I drink the local drink and my favorite familiars!

  2. I try to try as many local dishes and drinks as possible on travel. I think it helps to know the country better. The drink looks very attractive 🙂

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