Dinner & Dancing at Balcones de Puno


Having dinner and watching traditional Peruvian dances at Balcones de Puno was a pleasant way to spend an evening. I enjoyed the panflute music (though others in my group were not huge fans), but it was very festive to me. I also enjoyed all the different colorful costumes and dance numbers. It’s fun to do things like this when I’m in a place steeped with tradition.

Because, you know what? You can only do it in that place.


Was it the ballet? No. Was it a troupe of professional dancers? No. But it was a free show that accompanied dinner, and it was all in fun.

The food was dismal. Probably the worst meal I had in Peru. Or maybe I just didn’t order well. I think I got a pizza because I’d already eaten alpaca that day, but you can go and just have drinks or appetizers and enjoy the show.

Which is what I was there to do.


It was touristy, for sure. But also a peek into Peru’s culture. I try to see traditional dances wherever I go, because they tell me something about the people. Whether it’s Chinese dragon dances, Indonesian women with guns, or Kentucky square dancers, I feel a little more connected with a place when I see this glimpse of their cultural arts.

Do you like to experience the traditional dance of a region?


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