Danke Schoen, Wayne Newton!


During a recent conference I attended in Las Vegas, I was very excited to be invited to an evening event at Casa de Shenandoah – the home & museum of none other than Mr. Las Vegas himself – Wayne Newton!

Our agenda for the evening was as follows:

6:30pm – Reception and tours of Casa de Shenandoah’s Museum
6:30pm-7:15pm – Meet and greet with Wayne Newton
7:15pm – Tours of the Casa de Shenandoah’s Mansion
7:45pm – Dinner service begins

I was one of the first on the shuttle bus for the evening. Wayne Newton’s famed “Danke Schoen” kept playing in my head as I boarded the bus. Not surprisingly, the song was playing on the bus as well.

As soon as we entered through the gilded gates, we arrived in front of the museum building where Wayne’s private jet is parked. I grabbed a glass of wine and boarded the jet as one does when given the opportunity to check out a celebrity’s private jet. ๐Ÿ™‚


From there, I wandered into the section of the museum where Wayne’s collection of cars is stored. My friends and I quickly spotted Wayne there. He was coming out to do a meet & greet with us before he headed to the Strip to do a show.



Wayne was a magnificent host, posing for pictures with each of us and giving all of the women a kiss on the cheek.

All too soon we bid him adieu and headed outside for cocktails and a tour of Wayne’s mansion before dinner under a tent on the grounds.


It got dark before I had a chance to visit Wayne’s pet “Donkey-Schoen” in the stalls, or see any of the peacocks wandering the grounds. I did see his monkey playing games on an iPad. But it was all too much to take in in just one short evening. Perhaps he’ll invite me back so that I can take my time and appreciate all that Casa de Shenandoah encompasses. Regardless, I only have one thing to say about this Las Vegas evening: Danke Schoen, Wayne Newton!

Have you ever been fortunate enough to have a meet & greet with a star?


18 responses to “Danke Schoen, Wayne Newton!

      • I was never a big Elvis fan, but we were on vacation in Memphis and had a day to kill. Spent a good chunk of the day just doing all the Elvis stuff. Quite the enterprise they’ve built there.

  1. Never heard of the guy but it looks like he has his work cut out polishing and dusting. No I’ve never met any A-list entertainers, though many international sports people.

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