Stop at Wall Drug

Almost the minute we crossed the state line into South Dakota, we began to see old-fashioned billboards:

5 Cent Coffee

Every Day at Wall Drug

Free Ice Water!

Wall Drug


We were hooked. My Dad and I were sitting in the front seats of the RV and we saw every sign for the six hours it took to get to Custer. My dad got a kick out of them. “We’d better go see what this is all about while we’re here,” he said. Which is probably what every traveler heading across I-90 thinks as Wall Drug billboards break up the wide open prairie expanse.

Wall Drug seems like Emerald City after a while. You imagine that they must have everything! You’ve seen signs for Rattlesnake boots, homemade ice cream, jackalopes and bison burgers. It’s a promise of civilization; a spot where you can find everything you could possibly need or want.

Does anyone ever drive through South Dakota without pulling off the highway to shop at Wall Drug?


They shouldn’t. Wall Drug is an experience in itself. It’s a meandering maze of shops under one roof. A book shop, a boot shop, rocks, Western gear, a barber, a chapel, a shop full of t-shirts. Another shop of souvenirs, and a Native American art gallery.

There are photo ops in the hallways. There are old-fashioned amusements for the kids. And of course, there are the donuts as advertised. And the $0.05 coffee.


There’s just no reason not to stop at Wall Drug. If there’s something that speaks to you as “South Dakota,” you’ll find it there. Because Wall Drug is where it belongs.

Have you been to Wall Drug?           



17 responses to “Stop at Wall Drug

  1. I secretly love the barren landscapes of South Dakota. I drove through Wall Drug on my way to Montana over the summer and fell in love with it… Beautiful pictures!

  2. Lovely. On my only trip to the States I was taken with the roadside signs that advertised businesses many miles ahead. Certainly in the UK you find many (fairly discrete) signs inviting you to turn off the main roads/motorways. I guess otherwise these small places just couldn’t survive.

    • Exactly. You have to cover so much space driving from one place to another in the States. Advertising how far away something is puts the travel in perspective. Sometimes it takes that advance warning to lure someone off the main road.

  3. I have never been to South Dakota or heard of Wall Drug but I love places that manage to capture a sense of nostalgia. I’m so glad you and your dad had this bonding experience!

  4. What an interesting place to stop over on a road trip! Barber shop and chapel under one roof? That is an interesting combination haha! Did you try the 5 cent coffee?

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