25 Hours


Travelling these days is so much fun. There are so many ways to make your experience unique — especially when it comes to accommodations. This was the case when I stayed at 25Hours Goldman Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.

This charming little boutique hotel was quirky right from the start.

“What color room would you like?”

I stared at the desk clerk. I was tired from the trans-Atlantic flight, but still. Did she really just ask me what color room I wanted?

She repeated the question again and I tried to quickly visualize what color I wouldn’t be sorry I’d chosen.

“Green.”  Not my favorite color, but I worried that a red room might be too over-the-top.

She checked her screen and happily informed me that they had a green room ready at that early hour. She handed me the key and I eagerly stepped out onto the 3rd floor; the Green floor.


I loved my room immediately, though it seemed more yellow than green. There were so many fun little touches: the pillows, the artwork, even the doorknob hangers. I wanted to keep leaving my room just to change the sign.


The quirky little touches inside weren’t the only draws. Guests also had the option to borrow the Mini Cooper during their stay, or one of the bikes they kept locked outside. During my weekend there, I saw several guests take advantage of these perks. I thought about reserving the Mini for a short tour around the city since 25Hours is in the Ostend area, not the heart of Frankfurt. But I realized I didn’t really want to drive around. I enjoyed walking in the neighborhood and sampling cuisine from the nearby cafes and pubs.

I was sorry when my “25 hours” were up and I had to move on to my next locale. But I was happy to discover that there are 25Hours hotels in other cities, too. I’ll be sure to check them out!

What do you look for in hotel accommodations?


4 responses to “25 Hours

  1. How cute! How happy! And how clever this idea is!!
    I’m so happy for you that you find these quirky places on your trips.

  2. That’s nice. Clearly they work hard at making their clientele feel welcome and wanting to return there.

    Me – Quiet inside and out, wifi, comfortable bar with good beers.

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