Art & Architecture in Old Quebec


You’ll never lack for beautiful sights to see in Quebec City, but I loved learning little factoids as I wandered the narrow streets of this provincially-French city on an Art & Architecture Walking Tour.


Quebec City is the oldest walled city north of Mexico and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage treasure.


The doorway on the left was the original. It only needed to be big enough for a man riding a horse to pass through.

It’s beautiful. I loved learning about the French culture and Quebec’s history. The French influence is still so pervasive that I felt like I was in Europe.



Wouldn’t you almost be convinced you’re in France?

A mix of modern and old, the story behind some of the historical buildings in Quebec City were fascinating. For instance, this Morrin Building was originally the jail. Eight people were hung from the gallows that once adorned the front of this building. Now it is an English library.


The Morrin building is named for a Scotsman.

Not to be outdone, the church that once stood next to the Morrin building in now the French library. But — before that revitalization, the building housed a school for circus performers. Can you guess which one?


The Cirque du Soleil trained here, taking advantage of the high, church ceilings.

But my favorite little factoid that I learned on my walking tour? This:  how do you think these small glass windows were shipped to “New France” as it was being settled?


This is one of the oldest buildings still being used in Old Quebec. It is currently a high-end restaurant.

The window panes were shipped inside barrels full of molasses so that the glass wouldn’t break!

I’m not going to share any more of the secrets. This is a tour for anyone who loves architecture and history. I don’t want to give all the fun facts away!

Did any of these facts surprise you?




11 responses to “Art & Architecture in Old Quebec

  1. I could absolutely see libraries and jails coexisting. Going through physics, I thought the math library was a bit like a jail. Jenn and I just did a bungee fitness class today where we did a choreographed dance routine with a bungee stack a-la cirque de soleil. It’s amazing how much Quebec looked and felt like an European city.

    • A bungee cirque du soleil sounds fun(-ish). Was it? It’s one of those things like trampoline parks that may or may be as fun as they sound. (Trampoline parks ARE fun. And exhausting!

  2. I have heard so many things about Quebec and clearly, it looks and sounds like a fascinating place to visit! I’ve heard it’s one of the Canadian cities that has a large French-speaking population. Hopefully they’re understanding of English-speaking tourists! 🙂

  3. Quebec City is such a unique place in Canada. The architectures are completely different from the rest of the country. I think I know which circus you’re talking about… is it cirque du soleil?

  4. Such interesting facts about those buildings! I always have a thing for European architectures and Quebec City looks so charming. Definitely on my list to go just to check out this beautiful city.

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