Light Flowing through Sagrada Familia

I’m not sure I could say anything about Gaudi’s incredible Sagrada Familia in Barcelona that hasn’t already been said. I’ll just share some pictures of the light that flows through this sacred place. It rendered me speechless anyway.



Really. What is there to say? It’s breathtakingly stunning.


14 responses to “Light Flowing through Sagrada Familia

  1. You are so right that few words are necessary. I must return to go inside. I made it up one of the towers decades ago and Barcelona, all that Gaudi did there still calls to me. Beautiful pictures.

  2. How amazingly beautiful! La Sagrada Familia has been on my bucket list for SUCH a long time. The first time I saw it was on a slide in an Art History class in the 1980’s — and it is so amazing how much work has been accomplished in the last 35 years. Your pictures are truly inspiring. I have to get to Barcelona!

  3. I am starting to fall in love with Gaudi. It makes sense. I have a hard time relating to classic artists. Van Gaugh inspires me, as does Munch. I think it’s their combination of great beautiful and deep suffering. I don’t know why, but there is always seems to be a depth to Gaudi’s work that makes me think there is great joy and beauty mixed with sorrow and sadness.

  4. I was there last year, Juliann! I love Gaudi’s work and especially the colorful stained glass at Sagrada Familia. Did you take the elevator up to the towers?

  5. I’ve seen the outside but didn’t venture inside unfortunately. I guess I’ll have to go back to Barcelona, huh? I do love Gaudi’s work though.

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