The Big, Bright Light Show


It was cold outside. We could see our breath with every shiver and shake as we walked along the sidewalks of downtown Rochester, Michigan, but we didn’t care. The glimmery lights and windows displays adorning the downtown stores were worth braving a little cold weather.


The buildings were covered with more than 1 million holiday lights. I loved the orderliness of it; it was like a block-party Christmas display from the town of Rochester to the world.

The festive window displays drew us into more than a few shops.

IMG_7838 (1)

Imagine wearing this Christmas gown!

When we came out, a convertible full of Santas singing Christmas carols drove by.


It was such a great Christmas outing. We enjoyed the lights, the festive crowd, and we even finished our shopping. I think Rochester, Michigan has the right idea. Their Big, Bright Light Show was a hit! I hope more towns adopt this ideas. I think this may be Christmas Future.

Do window displays draw you in?





7 responses to “The Big, Bright Light Show

  1. I’m really not into Christmas but fair play to that town which has made a big collective effort. and no doubt shamed a few miserable sods like me into going along with it. Happy Christmas Julianne.

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