Postcard from Lisbon

My friend Doug brought me this postcard. He’d meant to mail it, but couldn’t find a stamp during his short layover in Lisbon. What he did find was some excellent food, as you can read in his note. He showed me a picture of the “super fresh Portuguese sushi” he had there — complete with fish head. That would have made a good postcard, too. You’ll just have to imagine it until I can share a picture of it.


As Doug noted, one day in Portugal was not enough. He definitely wants to go back and I know that Portugal has long been on my list of places to explore. So — inspired by Doug’s postcards and pictures — I just booked my trip! Sushi picture to come. 🙂

If you only had a day in Portugal, what would you want to do?


4 responses to “Postcard from Lisbon

  1. Peggy and I really enjoyed Portugal, Julia. Lisbon is an interesting city and there is lots to do outside of the city as well. Evora, for one. Have fun. –Curt

  2. I’d probably prefer to visit Porto, for its history. (Not saying Lisbon isn’t also historically significant.)

    We have a large Madeiran population here in Jersey (Channel Islands). Their food is fabulous and I suggest you try either the espetada or seafood cataplana, although not sure that Madeiran food would be replicated in Lisbon.

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