Love Your Enthusiasm Podcast

If I’ve never mentioned before how much I love blogging, let me say now that I absolutely love blogging. I meet the most incredible people, like my friend Britt Skrabanek who has just launched a new podcast series called Love Your Enthusiasm.

I was thrilled to be interviewed about my lust for travel. If you’ve met me, you know that it’s one of my biggest passions. But you may not know what goes into my travel planning, how I choose places to travel, why I feel the need to write about it, and where my wanderlust began.

If you’ve never heard my voice, here’s your chance. 🙂 Please join me in my enthusiastic approach to exploring the world.

Holding the Magic of Travel – Love Your Enthusiasm

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6 responses to “Love Your Enthusiasm Podcast

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  2. Finally got a chance to listen to this! What a delight. Felt like a conversation in a coffee shop with friends. And I know it’s a podcast about travel, but I love all the Cincy love too. 🙂

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