Your Tour Guide

I was recently posed this question:

What would you do with your life if you were independently wealthy?

My initial reaction was that I’d travel. But I also wanted to write about my travels. So the answer became clear: I’d be a travel blogger.

Then, as I thought more about it, I thought, Why wait? I’m probably never going to be independently wealthy, but I can be a travel blogger.

I am always ready to pack a bag and jump in the car, or onto a plane and set out to see whatever part of the world I can. It may be no further than across the state line, or it may be halfway around the world. Any destination will do.

Come with me as I browse the atlas



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23 responses to “Your Tour Guide

  1. Hi Juliann, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

    Love your most recent stories on Ottawa and poutine… I was there last October in time to see the leaves changing colour. It was my first-ever experience of fall in North America and seeing it in person just blew me away. As for poutine, I asked a few locals where I could get the best one in town and they pointed me to a chipwagon about a 20-minute walk from Bytown Market. It was heaven.

  2. Travel blogging (and travelling, for that matter) is ADDICTING, isn’t it? I just love hearing people’s amazing adventures from around the world, too. And cheers to know I’m not the only twenty-something with a backback over my shoulder — at least, not anymore……those days are loooong gone. I’ve become a bit spoiled in my old age. LOL!

  3. Hi Juliann, thanks for visiting and following us – we will definitely be taking the time to come visit you as well! Looking forward to reading about your adventures, near or far,

  4. Way to do what you love! I’m looking forward to seeing where this tour goes. You’ve had some exciting adventures thus far ~ I can’t wait to see what’s in store from here.

  5. Wow, your blog is great! I love the look and layout and you have really great content! I have just started my travel blog for my upcoming trip, I loved your piece on Singapore. I will be traveling there and hope to stumble upon that light show!!

  6. Isn’t it so much fun to travel and to blog about it? It combines all of the things I love most, seeing new worlds, taking pictures, and writing about the experience. It’s nice to find you in Ohio and beyond! 🙂

  7. Hiya! We totally get you and hear you – We love travelling and love writing so we combined the two too! And we too are doing it with a mortgage and full-time job. We couldn’t throw it all in and travel the world – not yet anyway. We have family (parents, siblings, nephews and nieces) to come home to and our home to come back to and at the moment, that suits us.
    Happy travels and we look forward to following your adventures!

    • Welcome! Maybe we’re the new norm? Having a mortgage, jobs, and family doesn’t mean you can’t live a life of rich travel. We’re proving that. I’ll look forward to reading of your travels, too.

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