Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

The Daily Post hosts a Weekly Photo Challenge. I’ve never taken part before, but with a category like “Wrong,” how could I resist?

This photo immediately came to mind. I saw this as I walked down the street in Willebroek, Belgium after leaving the Breendonk Concentration Camp. It was so bizarre, I had to stop and snap a picture.

I’m not sure whether this wonky-wheeled Smart car would encourage me to hire a limo or not. My initial reaction was that this Smart car would be the limo. And I’m not yet convinced that I’m wrong.


What do you think? Clever advertising? Or did this approach backfire?


7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

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  2. Yes, the image begs lots of questions, especially given the European penchant for loving to loathe our American wastefulness for such far out things as extended limos…

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