The Spectacular Singapore Skyline

Forgive me, Cincinnati, but I think I have a new favorite skyline.


The Merlion statue spouting water into the Singapore River
From Merlion Park, the Esplanade bank and to the right, the Singapore Flyer.
Buildings reflected on the Singapore River.
The beautiful lotus flower-shaped Arts & Sciences Museum.
In back, the Sands Marina hotel and Sky Bar. In front, part of the double helix pedestrian bridge.

Where’s your favorite skyline?


10 responses to “The Spectacular Singapore Skyline

    • That’s how I feel about CIncinnati’s skyline. Whenever I come through the cut in the hill of Kentucky and see Cincinnati sparkling across the river, it takes my breath away. Every time.

  1. Wow! We haven’t been to Singapore yet, but it looks amazing! I was really surprised by the beautiful skyline in Seoul, Korea when we visited there last month. The city is so huge, it stretches on FOREVER!

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