R.E.M. is on Deck, Ready to Play


Tulum, Mexico

It’s December 20th. I’m preparing for the end of the world tomorrow. I’ve crossed ‘Visit the Mayan Ruins’ off my bucket list and have R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” ready to play on my CD player. I’m preparing a very fattening last meal AND dessert. No more need to diet, right? I guess I’m all set.

Or was there something else I wanted to do?  Hhhm. Oh yes. I thought I’d take a moment to recap a few of my favorite travel moments of 2012 and tell you where I might have gone in 2013 if only we had more time.

In 2012…

I loved sitting in a tiny attic theater in Brussels, watching a marionette show of Hamlet, despite the fact that I didn’t understand a word. I may drag my family there if we’re ever in Brussels again.


A silly as it sounds, square dancing at a park in Kentucky was my favorite date with husband this year.


Sipping a Singapore Sling as I gazed at the skyline was pretty incredible.


Closer to home, I spent a fabulous day with my family wandering around Cincinnati and looking at all the pigs.


But perhaps my favorite experience during my travels this year was sitting on a lawn in Ottawa, Canada, watching Mosaika on the Parliament building. And then eating poutine. 🙂


I haven’t made many travel plans yet for 2013. I mean, why go to all that trouble when the Mayans say not to, right? But in case they’re wrong, we’re heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to ring in the new year. Then in February, I’ll travel to Brussels again on business. No doubt I’ll extend that trip a few days and see some other sights. Disneyworld is on the table as a destination this spring. China again in May, I believe.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. It’s not as easy to plan my travel for 2013 as one might think because there are SO MANY places I want to go. But we’ll start with Gatlinburg, ya’ll, and go from there.

What are your plans for 2013?

16 responses to “R.E.M. is on Deck, Ready to Play

  1. Poutine…. Tried it in Toronto and now addicted. What’s not to love? As for you question: Doing a mega-road trip in March across Texas, N’ Orleans and Mississippi. Lake Tahoe. Phoenix. Colorado (again). Actually taking a break from the blog to visit Turkey. A REAL vacation. :o)

  2. In earlier 2012, scientists discovered a secret chamber with evidence that Mayans kept track of time past 2012, but there is more evidence towards 12.21.12 being the end of the world. There is a myth about a planet called Nibiru colliding with Earth…however, the planet doesn’t exist, and it has never been seen by astronomers. First claims of the planet were made by a “nobody” sci-fi author. To cover for the fact that the planet isn’t visible, they say that it’s invisible…which is impossible. In addition, the government couldn’t cover up a new planet. Scientists know that there is no such planet. When it comes to the calendar, Mayans used thousands of calendars (including the one mentioned in sentence 1). Calendars cannot predict the end of the world or anything at all. Every time a clock resets at night, the world does not end. The date changes, but the world does not end. Nostradamus predicted the world would end during the 16th century, but there is no evidence on his work being correctly predicted…especially since he wrote so vaguely and it could be interpreted in many ways.
    – Ghostly World, ghostlyworldblog@gmail.com

  3. It’s already 12/21 here on my end and so far, nothing’s changed except that it’s freakishly warm and sunny today. If there really is no tomorrow, my biggest disappointment would be not being able to go to grad school since I slaved over those applications for so long! 😉

  4. Okay, I think we can start preparing for 2013 awesome travel trips and add more to these beautiful, fun pictures. It’s 05:42 a.m. and so far I’m still blogging with the world around me quietly sleeping. Merry Christmas and best wishes to you love ones. Today is a day to love more, hug more and just shout, “It’s great to be alive!”

  5. Um, square dancing sounds super awesome! If all goes well, we are traipsing off to Buenos Aires in November. We’ll probably tango instead of square dancing. Or, we could square dance and really throw people off down there. Hmm, I smell a funny Vlog in the works. : )

  6. The Marionette show sounds like something I might want to include in my itinerary. No concrete plans yet for 2013. Just relieved that I still have time left to see a little more of the world 🙂

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