Mmmm…Gas Station Tacos

My husband is probably cringing right now. Whenever we’re on road trips, he adamantly says, “We are not eating at a gas station.” But I think he’d disagree with this one. Fuel City Tacos is completely different.


Yes, there’s a gas station. And a car wash. And a herd of long-horned cattle to look at. And a picnic area and I believe a petting zoo. The gas station is bustling all the time. I don’t know if it’s because it’s on a busy road just outside of downtown Dallas that leads to a string of bail bondsmen. Or if people are stopping there for gas because they can also get incredible tacos and corn for pennies!

Longhorn cattle behind the gas station -- for no good reason

Longhorn cattle behind the gas station — for no good reason

I’d read an article by someone who hopes Anthony Bourdain will visit Dallas and ask him where to eat. His top pick for Anthony is Fuel City Tacos. Well — if Fuel City is good enough for a pompous jerk like Tony Bourdain, then I think it’s certainly good enough for me! πŸ™‚

I’d read the instructions: go inside the convenience store and get your drink. Then, stop at the corn stall. Then, head to the taco window. I’d been warned not to miss the corn, but I almost did anyway. I mean, corn is corn, right? I’m from the midwest. We’re up to our ears in corn all summer. Ha ha.

But not like this.

Trust me -  buy the BIG corn!!!

Trust me – buy the BIG corn!!!

For $1.50, I bought the smallest styrofoam cup of corn. I figured that was plenty. The women behind the cart asked me if I wanted everything on it. Sure; why not? “Everything” turned out to be melted butter, sour cream, hot sauce, cayenne pepper, lemon pepper, and cheese. It was AWESOME!!! I went back for seconds. I wanted thirds.

But I had to save room for tacos.

It's Texas. I sat in the shade.

It’s Texas. I sat in the shade.

At $1.40 each, these small tacos pack a big taste. I ordered a Barbacoa (shredded roast beef) taco and a Pastor (spicy pork) taco. Both came with chopped onions, cilantro and lime on top. They tasted so fresh! We don’t use a lot of cilantro in my part of the world, so this was a real treat. They were wonderful.

I ate my lunch on The Patio, off the side of the gas station and watched the traffic roll by. I also had a nice view of Dallas in the distance. I spent a while there, trying to let my food digest so I could go up and get more. The place stayed busy the whole time. I imagine there’s always a line. I saw, too, that they’re open 24 hours a day. I can only imagine how busy it gets there after the bars close. That’s where I’d be. πŸ˜‰

Bottom line: Best gas station food ever! I might even take Anthony Bourdain there, too, just to go back.

Would you eat at a gas station? Would you take Anthony Bourdain there? Or somewhere else?


14 responses to “Mmmm…Gas Station Tacos

  1. The Brit view of American food is same-brand frozen pizza and burgers served with a trained smile. From your posts Juliann that’s far from the actuality and there is some great cooking going on with pride in ingredients, service etc. I’m not surprised that taco bar is popular. Love the pic of the sheltered seating with Dallas in the background – I seem to recognise it from the TV πŸ™‚

    • I can’t fully shatter your image of American food. I just don’t like all the chain restaurants and frozen/ready-made meals. I usually look for independent places, but judging by how quickly many of these go out of business, I’m not the norm. 😦

  2. Wow. I’m drooling. That corn sounds amazing – and so do the tacos. When our son went to Texas, he couldn’t get over all of the fresh Mexican food. Taco Bell was a joke when he got home. … Gas stations in Ohio? No thank you for their food. πŸ˜‰

  3. Those tacos look wonderful! Plus, it looks like they’re available 24 hours for a taco fix anytime–It’s so fun to stop at places like that.

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