The Luck of the Irish!

Somebody, pinch me! I’m living the luck of the Irish. If I could jump in the air and clap my feet together, I would. Since I’m not that coordinated, I’ll settle for giggling with glee.

TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) is holding their European bloggers conference in Dublin this October. When I saw the notice, I wondered – would there be any way to make this coincide with my business trip to Brussels in October? I need to be in Brussels on October 6th. I pulled up the dates for the TBEX conference and caught my breath. It takes place October 3rd and 4th – right before I’m needed in Brussels. I’ll already be in Europe. Would my boss agree to let me tack on a couple days of vacation to swing through Ireland?

She said yes!

Already toe-tapping with Irish excitement, I then saw that conference participants could apply for one of the pre- or post- ‘Familiarization trips’ to see other parts of Ireland. So I applied, and was picked! Fáilte Ireland will host me for the Limerick-City of Culture Tour for three days before the conference!

I feel like I’m floating on a field of four-leaf clovers.

As part of the tour, we’ll visit the Cliffs of Moher, Bunratty, Limerick, and Kildare. We’ll learn how to write limericks, make Irish coffees, visit castles, museums, art galleries, and a shopping outlet. I cannot wrap my mind around all the things that we’ll do. I feel like I’ve followed a leprechaun to find a pot of gold.

Somebody pinch me. (A totally American tradition for St. Patrick’s Day, I hear.) I am going to Ireland! These Irish eyes (1/4 of my heritage) are smiling.

Now, who can help me with my limerick?

There once was a girl from the ‘Nati…</


20 responses to “The Luck of the Irish!

  1. Congratulations Jules. I wonder if I could hide in your luggage. Make all your Irish ancestors proud — and I know you will. Love, Nancy

  2. Talk about good timing! I think it was all meant to be. 😉 I’ve heard fabulous things about Kildare and Ireland in general so I’m super jealous! Have heard the food is much better there than in England, as well. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! But I’m sure you’ll do that even without encouragement.

    • I think it was serendipity. If the conference had been any other dates, I probably wouldn’t have been able to go.

      I have good food packed into my itinerary, and two cameras… just in case. 😉

  3. Sounds a lot of fun. Limerick city itself is a dubious pleasure (in my opinion) but the cliffs are brilliant and Bunratty (I wonder if it’s the medieval night you’re doing?).

    • Thanks, Roy. I truly value your opinion. You know a lot more about Ireland than I do and it’s good to hear an insider’s perspective. I’m sure my limited time there will barely scratch the surface of the real Limerick. Perhaps that’s lucky? I’m sure my outsider’s view will be quite different than that of someone familiar with the city. Can’t wait to hear what you think once I share my experience there. One thing’s for sure: I’ll now be viewing it differently than I would have if you hadn’t used the word “dubious.”

      • Juliann I shouldn’t really have stuck my cynical oar in. I love Ireland and I’m sure you’ll be shown the very best of it. You’ll have a ball on your site-seeing trip and you’ll also be seeing Dublin at its very best. Very much looking forward to reading of your ‘take’ in due course.

  4. That sounds great. I couldn’t make the timing of TBEX work. We were actually considering a trip to Ireland the next week but some things changed. I loved TBEX Toronto. Have fun and enjoy the beauty of Ireland.

  5. This is awesome, Julie! I love it when things like this happen. Feels like it’s meant to be. And of course the stars are aligning so that we can finally meet each other in person! 🙂 Can’t wait!

  6. Great to hear you’ll be going to TBEX, Juliann. I’ll be there as well, and we’ll have to meet up!

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