“Soaking Up Local Color” Via GowithOH

I Love Lucy fans will surely remember the Italian episode where Lucy is scouted to be in an Italian film titled Bitter Grapes, so she goes to a winery to “soak up a little color.” I love that episode and already tried my hand feet at stomping grapes. That wasn’t the way to experience Italy for Lucy and isn’t the way I want to experience Italy, either.

But I do want to “soak up local color” while I’m there, and feel sure that a stay in this Roman apartment would provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

I love the soft pinks and accent colors of the artwork. Ironically, I think that all the modern white would provide a nice contrast to the ancient ruins and rustic colors I imagine I’d enjoy as we explore the city.

Plus, we’ll definitely need a spot inside or outside to enjoy some of the “local color” in a bottle. Lucy may have stomped grapes in Italy; we’ll just drink them.

We like staying in apartments because we can spread out, cook some of our meals, and stay in a neighborhood. I’ve heard great things about the Trastavere neighborhood, with its winding streets and ivy-covered buildings. That’s the kind of local color I’m looking for near Rome!

GowithOh is hosting a fabulous contest. They are challenging bloggers to choose the apartment they’d like to rent through GowithOh in 17 cities across Europe. Bloggers are asked to blog about that apartment for the chance to be chosen as a Guest Tester for their blogger competition. The prize? 1000 Euro’s worth of accommodation!

And they have a great offer for all fans of their Facebook page too! Just go to their website and choose an apartment you’d love to guest test, then tell them why on their Facebook page. You’ll go into the competition to win 500 Euros towards your dream stay!

I’m definitely going to Italy next year to soak up a little local color. It would be even better if I get the chance to GowithOh!

Which European city do you think you’d pick for a contest like this?


27 responses to ““Soaking Up Local Color” Via GowithOH

  1. Oh, Italy. I’m fully planning on visiting during my spring break so here’s to hoping I can soak up some “local color!” I would also love to visit Greece, although your recent posts on Ireland has had me swooning. Such hard decisions!

    • I agree. We always stay in apartments or houses now. It lets us spread out more, cook meals, and just relax in a way you can’t when you’re sharing a hotel room. Plus, it’s nice to stay in various neighborhoods and see what that’s like. Definitely the way to go.

  2. After reading all of the places you have visited and blogged about, I think I would have to choose Brussels. Although, I do like the looks of the Roman apartments. Maybe somewhere in Germany? I’ve never been there. Or England? Spain?

  3. What a sweet apartment! We have our ten year anniversary coming up in 2015 and Italy is looking like our spot to be all lovey dovey. I heard great things about the Trastavere neighborhood as well. Looks awesome!

  4. We love staying in apartments… have done so in Mendoza Argentina, Monte Martre in Paris… for the same reasons you explain: we can shop local markets (photograph), cook, and spread out a bit… thank you for writing about this. What listing services would you recommend for finding apartments for vacation travel?

    • I’m eager to try GowithOh, and plan to when we visit Italy. We used Paris Sweet Home in Paris, which was nice because we were staying in someone’s real apartment– not a vacation rental. Usually, we use VRBO. It’s easy, and we’ve always had good experiences with them.

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