Bunratty Castle & Folk Park


You need to allow yourself a full day to visit Bunratty Castle & Folk Park. We rushed through in less than two hours and barely had time to absorb all that was there. We toured the castle and enjoyed that so much that we missed our opportunity to wander and explore the living reconstruction of an Irish village as it would have been 100 years ago.

We just missed the chance to see a village woman churning butter.


But we were just in time to sample pie.


We heard a smattering of music as we wandered about admiring the thatched roofs.

But barely had time to poke our heads inside the fisherman’s house.

All too quickly, our tour was over. It was like going to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and only seeing that for a few hours when most people usually spend days.

We missed seeing the doctor’s house, the potter’s workshop, the pawnbroker’s shop, the terraced houses, the post office, the bar/hotel and the main attraction: the Bunratty House.

For all these reasons, I’ll need to go back, and spend a day — a full day — to see the whole park. And next time, I’ll be there in time for fresh butter and bread.

Do you like themed parks that capture a specific place in time?


15 responses to “Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

  1. You also missed dressing up for the medieval night at the castle, throwing chicken bones over your shoulder to the songs of a minstrel? I never got beyond Durty Nelly’s πŸ™‚

  2. My friend and I went to the winery only. She’s not much for castles and had already had her fill. Next time I want to travel by myself and see everything I want to! πŸ™‚ My husband is up for seeing everything though too. I’m glad I’m not the only one who misses things because of time.

  3. Seeing what life was like in the old days is always fascinating for me. I went to Warwick Castle in England a few weeks ago and it was great tramping around the rooms and imagining actual people living there. Some rooms actually had mannequins dressed up as people from the times engaging in day-to-day activities which was a little creepy.

  4. We never seem to allow enough time when traveling. Maybe we should review our “cram in everything” policy. And, to answer your question — it depends on the time period.

  5. I didn’t stay there long either but it didn’t feel as real to me as the real places. We might have stayed longer if the music had been going on, but didn’t see anything like that or the fresh butter and bread! My favorite part was probably seeing the pigs and chickens wandering around free.

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