The Pink Blur of Pigs Racing By

WheresMyBackpack challenged bloggers to post something this week that touched on the theme of ‘pink.’ With the arrival of spring, I had no problem. Spring and summer mean festivals and fairs in Ohio. Which often feature my favorite version of pink: Pigs!

One of the pigs in the Big Pig Gig

One of the pigs in the Big Pig Gig

Cincinnati is dotted with artistic pigs as part of its Big Pig Gig, but nothing beats live pigs and pig races. So much fun to watch.


What makes the races even more fun is hearing the announcer call out their names as they race around the track for the Oreo finish. They had names like Hammah Montana and Pigtail-or Swift. I believe Hammah won.

We don’t own pigs, but thought up plenty of new names for female contenders:

Piggy Longstocking

Dorothy Ham-mill

Hamber Frey

Pork-tia De Rossi

Scarlett Johamsen

Barbra Swinesand

Piggy Sue

Re-bacon Romijn

Natalie Porkman

Hillary Swine-k

Ham-ily Blunt

Hamela Anderson

Swine-dy Crawford

Almost makes you want to buy a pig to race, doesn’t it? What would you name yours?


21 responses to “The Pink Blur of Pigs Racing By

  1. A different take of the pink theme – love the pink ceramic pig in your first shot, and your live pigs look very clean and pink! They are so cute when small, though pig pooh is very smelly! Is it only girls who race? otherwise you could have Hambo πŸ™‚

    • Hambo! Perfect! I’m sure the boys race, too.
      As for the smell- it is overwhelming, but at the same time, it’s another one of those indicators that Spring has arrived. When you can finally roll down your car windows while you drive down country roads, the smell of manure suddenly seems pleasant.

  2. Scarlett Johamsen is a great name, haha! My dog had a friend who was a little pink pig when we still lived in Paris. The pig’s name was Puccini.

  3. Lovely names those. My favourite is ‘Barbra Swinesand’. The visions that raise through the mind as one pronounces this name. Is that a linguistic abstraction or something stuck in my mind from yester years, I wonder…


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