I Crawled Up Inside CasAnus

What Is CasAnus?

As if my time wandering around the Verbeke Foundation wasn’t strange enough, when the day ended and the museum closed, I was left to spend the night in one of the museum exhibits: CasAnus.

Quirky hotel in Belgium

CasAnus viewed from the front

Weird place to stay in Belgium

Side view of CasAnus

The Verbeke Foundation

This outdoor sculpture of a digestive tract created by Dutch artist Atelier Van Lieshout contains a living space inside. And that night, I would be crawling up inside it. As Geert Verbeke put it, I would be staying inside an exhibit inside a museum. In a sense, I would become a museum exhibit myself!

It reminded me of the time I heard artist Jonathan Harris speak. He told a story of his months living by himself in a small green house in Iceland. I don’t remember why, but people seemed to think this green house was a museum and he’d often see them peeking through the windows at him. I wondered if that might happen to me since the windows in CasAnus had no coverings. Plus, this was an actual museum exhibit.

But the museum was closed, so that didn’t happen. There were no people walking around, which created a sense of peacefulness. No TV, no people, no distractions at all. Just white textured walls and a comfortable bed. I enjoyed a night of pure solitude.

Inside CasAnus Belgium

Inside CasAnus

What does CasAnus look like inside?

CasAnus does have a shower, sink and toilet. You CAN expel your own waste within this intestine!

It felt a little like camping, without the dew. Just me and nature — separated by an intestinal lining.

Poop Jokes

It gave me plenty of time to think up digestive humor. For instance, the phrase, “something crawled up inside me and died” kept running through my head. My husband said the place should have been empty except for a stool. (ha ha) If I had gotten scared, we could have said something scared the crap out of CasAnus. (Of course, then I’d be calling myself crap, but these are the rambling thoughts that went through my mind before I drifted off to sleep.)

CasAnus was undoubtedly the most unusual place I’ve ever stayed. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved having the museum all to myself. A big THANK YOU to the Verbeke Foundation for hosting me!

You probably had some digestive humor go through your own mind as you read this. Feel free to share it here. You know you want to! πŸ™‚


26 responses to “I Crawled Up Inside CasAnus

  1. Okay, that side view is just gross, haha! But the inside was surprisingly clean and cozy looking. You really had me cracking up throughout this entire post – you are one of a kind!

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  3. Wow Juliann! Now that’s what I call a unique experience! Not many people can say they did that. The inside looks pretty cool … better than the outside. πŸ™‚ ~Terri

    • I loved the interior. I like cozy spaces and all the whiteness and odd shape of the structure was perfect for me. If anyone had looked in the window, they would have seen a woman blissfully sleeping.

  4. This definitely takes meta to a whole new level and in a sense is a bit like performance art since as you said, you essentially became part of the exhibit (at least for a night). I was giggling inappropriately to myself throughout this post but I’m glad the inside was so nice!

  5. I can’t stop laughing at everything about this post, but especially that photo of the side view! What an, erm, memorable experience!

  6. “Just me and nature β€” separated by an intestinal lining.” LOL! You’re the best. Okay, the inside is actually really great. However the outside…hell no! : )

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