The Mayberry Cafe


Before we left Indianapolis, we couldn’t resist eating at the Mayberry Café in downtown Danville. The small diner is a showcase for all things Mayberry — except for the food. We found that odd. We knew the restaurant showed a continuous loop of Andy Griffith Show re-runs, so we expected a menu full of Aunt Bee’s cooking: pot roast, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, pork chops, etc. They did offer those items, but didn’t stop there. We found a menu several pages thick with dishes like flatbread pizza with spinach, mozzarella and Alfredo sauce. Sweet & Sour chicken. Cajun chicken sandwich. Fried Shrimp. Things I don’t associate with “home-cooking.”

So un-Mayberry-ish!

But so delicious.


We were actually a little relieved that it wasn’t all meat, potatoes and gravy. We’d gone for the kitsch of the place and perused the Andy Griffith Show memorabilia, but when it came time to order, we went for the food that we really wanted. Not the down-home cooking that we’d expected.

If you’re an Andy Griffith/Mayberry fan, this is a place you have to go. I was never a big fan of the show, but found it a fun stop on our way out of town. It wouldn’t be our sole destination. I reserve that distinction for an I Love Lucy diner.

What tv-show theme would draw you in?


18 responses to “The Mayberry Cafe

  1. How cute, I like the police car too! I would eat there too even if I’m not that familiar with the show. It would be fun to eat at a Happy Days themed restaurant too.

  2. Never heard of Andy Griffith but I bet it’s a draw for his fans. In Orlando with the family years ago we went to a sports-themed bar. The kids couldn’t stop giggling at Shaq O’Neal’s basketball shorts – mind he is 7ft 1in (2.16m).

  3. There’s a museum here in LA where they exhibit TV show set and props. I get to sit on a couch of a coffee house that “Friends” used to sit on. They also have Seinfeld. It was cool.
    Sorry I never really watch Andy Griffith Show.

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