The Lady in Green


The Hilton Netherland Hotel was constructed in 1930 as one of the most luxurious hotels of its time. The architects later used the same design for the Empire State Building in New York. But the Cincinnati hotel had something that the Empire State Building did not — a ghost.

Several accidents occurred during the construction of the French art deco building. According to legend, one man fell to his death from the tower and his body was never found. His wife appeared at the construction site, dressed in her best green dress, looking for any sign of her husband. She never gave up hoping that she’d find him and visited the site repeatedly, roaming the grounds in her green dress, looking for her vanished husband.

Years later, in the 1980’s, reconstruction work began on the hotel to restore it to its art deco glory and the lady in green reappeared. A construction worker arrived at work and saw a woman in a green dress in the Hall of Mirrors. She seemed to be looking for something, so he called out to her, but she turned and disappeared. Other construction  workers claimed to see her, too. She’d appear at the work site in her green dress but always ran off when they called out.

The ghost is usually seen in the Hall of Mirrors and on the Mezzanine level, dressed in her best green dress and still searching for her husband. But she may never find him.


21 responses to “The Lady in Green

  1. That’s so sad , knowing she will never find closure and her soul may never rest in peace 😦 Thanks for sharing Julian

  2. I would also think it strange that its not her husband who’s roaming around. Then again, she never did have closure in regards to his body and typically, it seems that ghosts who have unresolved issues tend to be the ones haunting places. It’s sad to think that her husband is resting in peace while she’s still looking for him (or maybe my imagination is just running off way too fast now).

  3. Sometimes I believe that I have slept in more haunted hotels than I’ve hot dinners. Problem is, I usually find out about it after I’ve had a bad night sleep. Thank you for letting me know about this one beforehand. I think I’ll make a wide berth of it.
    Fascinating story nonetheless!

  4. Wowza! The creepiest place I’ve been to is, hands down, the Queen Mary. I took the Ghost Tour there many years ago just to solidify my fears of the ship.

    It worked. I never went back. 🙂

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