Lucy Does Paris!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am a huge fan of I Love Lucy, as are my mother and daughter. So when we found oursevles in Paris at an outdoor cafe, we had to re-enact part of Lucy’s French adventure episode. I ordered escargot intentionally, unlike Lucy, who had no idea what she was ordering in French. The waiter brought out our delectable dish and I almost — almost — asked him to bring me a bottle of ketchup like Lucy did. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was afraid he’d whisk my plate of snails away.

Luckily, I was with two fun-lovers who will do anything for a laugh, so they did re-enact Lucy’s next stunt: they clamped the escargot tongs onto their noses just like Lucy did. Nearby I Love Lucy fans knew what they were doing, but to anyone else walking by, they just looked like crazy Americans.
Do you need a clamp on your nose to eat escargots?

24 responses to “Lucy Does Paris!

  1. So funny! I think I would appreciate your traveling companions very much! Lucy was getting paid to do it and working from a script. But your companions–well, they were obviously doing it for fun–and love.

    (I was talked into ordered escargot once–it was a free meal I had won in an art contest, so I had nothing to lose. It was okay, although I probably wouldn’t do it again because I live with three vegetarians and they probably wouldn’t split an order.)

  2. Hey, no shame in doing what you can for a bit of fun, right? 🙂 Love that both your mom and your daughter were game for this. Clearly an appreciation for inside jokes and disregard for what other people would think runs in the family. 🙂 Enjoy the weekend!

    • I keep trying to remember how I first tasted them. I was young and I remember the restaurant. But I keep wondering who I was there with, because it wasn’t my mom. Who ordered them?? It’s a mystery.

  3. An excellent treat, though I don’t often eat out these days so I don’t get to have them. Of course they’re almost tasteless and it’s the garlic butter to mop up that’s the real treat 🙂

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